Sunday, April 29, 2007


So we've been a little busy lately so it's time to rewind the tapes a little bit and catch everyone back up that actually reads this. I'm not really sure how many people do read this...ok, so here's the deal, if you read this before May 13th (our 1-yr anniversary), send us an email at ...if you don't want to do that, leave a quick comment on here.

Just humoring myself and assuming that I have an audience, here we go. In March we took pictures of the Haynes and the Browns. I'm sure we wrote something about taking their pictures earlier, but we didn't show any pictures. So here are the pictures, enjoy!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

We're BACK!

We're up and running in lovely Phoenix, Arizona!

Yes we have some they're not going in this post. We haven't taken them off the camera yet. Details of our time here will come later as well. First, we must recap the past.

So the cruise was a good time. We met two families, the Ryan's and the Clabeaux's. We spent lots of time hanging out with them and roughing the ports of call with a sort of reckless abandon. The quick break down on the ports of call...

Jamaica was pretty, but it was pretty expensive to go on the tour to Dunn's River Falls. We hired a cab with the Ryan's and we were off. The falls were $15/person to get in and if you take a guide, you'll hold hands with people all the way up...not cool. We chose not to take a guide and had a good time following Sarah as she blazed the trail up the falls. As you leave the falls, you are sent through the gauntlet of high pressure sales from the "poor" locals...again, not cool. Afterwards we hit a "local" place to eat and were charged over $20 for food that was maybe worth $5. Then we hit a local beach and played around before we had to call it a day.

Grand Cayman was very pretty, but it can be well summed up if you simply call it a tourist trap. The redeeming part was going to the Courtyard Marriot beach and walking up the beach 200 yards around the corner to have the beach virtually to ourselves. It was fun to splash around and do some snorkeling, but the real fun began when Mike saved the day and picked up some ice cold beer at the local liquor store.

Cozumel rocked. We (Clabeaux's this time) hired a taxi for the afternoon and he took us to the East side of the island (away from 95% of the cruise line passengers) and to this awesome beach area where we spent a good portion of the day. As things would have it, we ran into the Ryan's there. We took a bunch of pictures at this beach because it was so pretty. When taxi time was running out we took a tour of the rest of the island and got dropped off to do some shopping.

I could probably write a couple more pages about the trip, but its getting late, I'm tired, (insert lame excuse #3 here), and you just want to see the pictures anyway. So here are a couple of our favorites, enjoy!