Sunday, January 31, 2010

Christmas 2009

This Christmas was very different for us since we were not close to family. I really thought we would wake up Christmas morning and not know what to do with ourselves. Obviously that was not the case, God provided us with a wonderful day of watching Micah experience the magic of Christmas. Both of our families have given us wonderful traditions and we have mixed them together to make our own Cross family traditions. One that you will see below is baby Jesus's birthday cake. A friend of ours did a fantastic job making us a magnificent cake and on Christmas Eve we had friends over after church to sing and eat cake. The day after Christmas we went to a bed and breakfast a few hours up the road near a ski resort. We loved it. Micah enjoyed his time in the snow very much. We have now decided we have a beach and snow baby.....what to do, what to do?!? We love it. Well, as we head into 2010 our most exciting news is that we will be adding another one to our already crazy family. I am 15 weeks pregnant and we are thrilled. Micah is pushing on my belly button all the time, it's already starting to pop out. We tell him there is a baby inside, but he still does not seem to understand. He will be two when the new one arrives and hopefully by then he will be a little more prepared. We'll continue to work on it. Best wishes for this New Year and God Bless.

Some Micah Pictures

Hey everyone, so it's been forever since the last blog update. We're better about keeping facebook updated with the personal stuff and we've been using Flickr ( for the photography side of things, so the blog has taken the back seat lately. But since some people might still check up on us every once in a while here, I figured that I would try to keep this more up to date.

We've been pretty busy around the Cross household, but things are getting back on track since Sarah has returned to full-time mommyhood at the beginning of January. Here are a few of our favorite pictures from the past month around the house.