Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pictures available....and Web Site Launch

Today is exciting for us...we've completed editing the pictures from Tripp & Carly's wedding from Saturday. They're available here. We've placed a minimum order of $10 in the program for now until we see exactly what this program can do. This is simply to keep from having to pay some expenses from orders out of our own pockets. We expect things to be seamless on our end of the ordering process. Once we see that it is, we'll remove the minimum order restriction.

We'll be able to place future photo galleries on the web as well. They will be at www.crossphotography.photoherald.com. This feature will allow people to view our pictures and place an order using our professional printer. As we work more with this interface, we will add more features and packages to allow for easier ordering.

Finally, we're publicly announcing the launch of our website. You can check it out here. A word of caution...I've not tested the site from other than this computer, so if things look weird, or the picture gallery doesn't work quite right, I'll iron those details out soon. If something doesn't work, I'd love to get some feedback from you mailto:ryancr711@gmail.com.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Johnson - Siefken

Our friends Tripp and Carly got married Saturday the 24th. Sarah and I assisted Carla Blanchard http://www.blanchardphotography.com/ taking pictures for the wedding. Lots of people braved our "beautiful" North Texas weather to see the wonderful ceremony at the North Chapel, Sheppard AFB. Despite the closing of the Main gate, a nasty wreck just in front of the chapel, the roof partially blown off the Hospital Gate shoppette, and 50+ mph winds, the ceremony kicked off right on time. Glenn Balsis officiated the wonderful ceremony and things went off without a hitch.

After family pictures, everyone headed over to the Howard Johnson Plaza for the reception. At the reception, everyone donned their dancing shoes after a wonderful meal and wedding cake. Tripp showed off his line dancing skills and helped get everyone into the party mood.

Tripp and Carly changed out of their wedding clothes and prepared for the big getaway. After their farewell, they ran through a line of sparklers and drove off for their honeymoon in Montego.

We're still processing the hundreds of photos taken, but here is a slideshow of the day. I couldn't decide on the sappy love song version or the more upbeat version, so I'm posting both. Keep posted, pictures of the entire wedding will be posted soon!

Sappy love song version.

Ten Shekel Shirt version.

When things can't possibly get worse...

...everyone knows how this cliche ends.

But this is the story of how our cliche actually ended. So, Sarah's 26th birthday was on the 17th of February...which I remembered...without any help. This date also is relatively close to a special day...you know it...Valentine's. So what does a 1st year husband do for this occasion? You guessed it...plan a romantic weekend trip to the place (read Austin, TX) his wife has been begging to go to for months...still with me???

So my game plan (a surprise)...book a room for the weekend on the executive floor of the downtown Hilton...within walking distance to all of the downtown festivities...a nice relaxing weekend where beautiful weather was forcast...things were looking good.

Game plan execution: we're driving to Austin, I get the reservation confirmation sheet out because it has directions on it...(everyone is thinking...since when did Ryan use directions?!?!)...and I see at the top of the sheet something to the effect of "Ryan Cross - Hilton Hotel Reservation 2/24/2007-2/26/2007". So after freaking out for a second about making reservations for the wrong weekend...we start making phone calls trying to find a room in downtown Austin...no luck. We park near the Capitol building, and decide we'll try our luck walking around downtown...no luck. After exhausting 15 ish hotels, we finally ask why every hotel is booked. It appears that the 2007 Austin Marathon is in town and 30,000 or so people were in town for that...

So Sarah in her plot to get even with me for messing up Valentine's Day and her Birthday, cons me into running this stinkin' marathon (26.2 miles of pain) with her (that's my story and I'm stickin' to it). So she had been running 20-25 miles a week...I had run 25 miles in the last two months...MAYBE. So, we run the marathon and stick together the whole time. We finished not only talking to each other, but arms wrapped around each other in a far from World Record time of 5 hours 23 minutes and 14 seconds...not bad for me not training and Sarah running in brand new running shoes.

So that's how our weekend went. It may not have been perfect like you see in the movies...but it was perfect for us.

Picture of our finish:


Sunday, February 4, 2007

Superbowl Sunday

We enjoyed having our friends over for some superbowl fun. The little ones kept us busy as they played with necklaces and cups galore. Emily...sshhh, she's sleeping! Hope you enjoy the pics.

Saturday, February 3, 2007


This is 4 month old baby Reid. He is my friend Dana's little boy. We had so much fun taking pictures of him today. His smiles were endless, which just goes with his personality. These are just three of the thirty that we narrowed it down to. The Viavattene's are going to have a tough time keeping the girls away from him!