Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It always seems that I remember taking more pictures then I come home with and with Micah on my back or hip these days, it's not easy to grab the camera and snap shots of everything that catches my eye as a photographer. For the most part I took pictures of what I could. We truly had an amazing time and my travel partner, Tracy Danaher, was the bomb digity! She helped out with Micah so much.

We were in Korea just two full days. Saturday we headed up to Osan and did some serious shopping. I was able to get some GREAT deals and we met up with a friend of ours who's husband just got stationed in Kunsan. We ate some great Thai food recommended to us by all the friends who have been there in the past and are still there. Then we returned to Seoul. We stayed at the Dragon Hill Lodge in Yungson. It was an outstanding place to stay and had great service all the way around. We traveled mostly by taxi. Saturday night we ate at the most amazing French resturant called Le Cigele. I had Duck, Tracy had chicken, and Claire had Mussels....and Micah ate a little of everything.

Sunday we went to the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ.)Which is an area of land encompassing a 4 kilometers-wide strip of land straddling the 151 mile long Military Demarcation Line (MDL). The 27 July 1953 Armistice Agreement established the DMZ along the approximate line of ground contact between the opposing forces at the time the truce ended the Korean War. It was very interesting and a little scary feeling at times. We walk into the third tunnel. The 3rd Tunnel was discovered on October 17, 1978. It is located 52km from Seoul. It was estimated that it took approximately an hour for 10,000 soldiers to move through the tunnel. When this tunnel was first discovered, North Koreans insisted it was made by South Koreans in a plot to invade North Korea. However, this theory proved eventually to be false. They also smeered coal on the walls and later said that the tunnel was an abanded mine, which goes against all geological findings.
We finished the day with a walk through one of the local palace grounds and sitting in the Civic Center park listening to a wind Ensemble. Micah even got to play on a splash pad with all the local Korean kids. I think they loved him more than he love the water.
All in all is was a truly amazing trip and really opened my eyes to how awesome our God is all over the world. As I was walking Micah around the civic center park talking to people, I ran across a local youth group. They told me they were Christians and I truly felt a fire light up inside me. They took some photos with Micah (they love chunky,bald, blue eyed babies). God is everywhere! Thank you for all who prayed for a safety and that everything would fall into place.


I am now a drift racer! If you have never seen drifting before I highly recommend you go rent the movie Tokyo drift and then you know what I experienced......ok, so not exactly that, and I put a disclaimer on the movie. It is very teeny-bopper. However, Ryan, Micah and I had a blast memorial day weekend at the drift races and I even got to ride along with one of the drivers from Ryan's squadron. It was DANGEROUS! HA
Before the guys took off to Alaska for the month we had a family day at the squadron. It was a great time and we were able to take pictures in front of the F-16. It was very windy and chilly as you will see peoples teeth chattering and hair blowing every which way. Needless to say the kids were all screaming and loving it!

Micah 10 months

Ok, so we are a little late at getting these posted, but better late then never! Micah will actually be 1 year old this coming Sunday. We will be celebrating his birthday with one of his good friend Bailey, who is also turning 1. I promise to post pictures.