Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mom's lap

There is no better place to sit than on my mom's lap. It seems Halle and Hannah seem to think so too. I don't like to share.... but mom says I have too.

sitting like a big boy

Ok, so I can't walk, I can't crawl, but I can sit like the big boys do. However, I do sometimes take some pretty nasty dives into the carpet, but they are beginning to be less often. Here are some pics of me "sittin pretty".

swimming, a swimming pool

Micah got to sport his swim trunk for the first time when we stayed in Denver at the Holiday Inn. He didn't really like the big pool. He said it was a little cold. He did however like dipping in and out of the hot tub. Over all it was a fun experience, but next time he wants his daddy to take him swimming.