Monday, May 26, 2008

The Phelps Family

We are enjoying getting to know all the wonderful people in our squadron. With that comes the great opportunity to photograph them. The Phelps family will be growing any day now with the new addition of a baby girl coming soon. We truly enjoyed this mother's day shoot.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Hirosaki....

Hiroksaki Cherry Blossom Festival

Cherry blossom season is now over, but we made here just in time to see it in full bloom. Here are some pictures from our trip to Hirosaki castle. There are over 5,000 Cherry Blossom trees in this City. It is considered one of the more prestigous cities in Amori because of the local univeristy. We truly enjoyed seeing the way they celebrate this time of year.

29 weeks and one hot beach belly

Here are some 29 week photos of the ever growing belly. I am now 33 weeks(almost 34) pregnant,but am behind in posting pictures. Ryan took these on the beach. We live about two miles from shore. Americans are not allowed to swim here because of the strong undercurrents, but if we drive a ways down the road there are beaches that are open later in the summer. Hope you enjoy!