Monday, April 20, 2009

Micah sees the fish!

We visited the Aomori Prefecture's Asamushi Aquarium. Micah loved it. I'm not sure he truly understood what the fish were. He just stared at them in awe. It was funny to stand by and watch him take it all in. The jellyfish were really cool and fun to capture on camera.

The Big Budda that we don't worship

Ok, so this is supposed to be the biggest budda in Japan. We truly don't care because we don't worship Budda, but it was funny to look at. I guess this is the little budda for kids. Their temples are pretty, but we have some pretty nice churches on the states that could compete.

Found it

Here are the 12ft high walls I was talking about...I think they are acutally higher to be completely honest. It can kinda make a person in a car feel trapped! CRAZY!

Looking for a 12FT wall of snow....

What a wonderful spring break! Some of you may not have heard, but I took a part-time school counseling position on base at Sollars Elementary. When Ryan returned from the desert I was bummed because I didn't get to sleep in with him in the mornings. As a treat to me (and Micah) he took off work so we could spend my Spring break as a family. We had a pretty action packed week. Monday we went looking for 12ft high walls of snow on each side of the road and while we were at it we took in all of our surroundings. So beautiful. Our God is soooo good!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Misawa Newborn Photography - Jacob Wolfard

So, we're running a little bit behind around here...Sarah took these photos a couple of weeks ago and we wanted to get them online for all to see. The pictures are awesome and fun. After looking at these pictures so much, it is crazy to see tiny little Jacob. He looks grown up and Micah's age in some of the pictures (just way more hair than Micah). Enjoy the pics...and a big Booyah shout-out to Cuda and Krystal, your son rocks.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Surin Young - Misawa newborn photos

We are really loving taking newborn pictures. Here is one of the announcements that we created. We have started to get referrals from friends to our photography business and it is so much fun to have people call because they saw other pictures we have taken. Surin was three weeks old when these pictures were taken. She is so precious.