Friday, April 25, 2008

More of Kaci and Taryn

Here's a couple more

Taryn and Kaci

We had the priviledge of taking the pictures of the McBrayer girls this past weekend. They are very active and kept us on our toes. What adorable little girls!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sarah's growing belly at 24 weeks

Although I am 29 weeks pregnant now, I am just getting around to posting these. My good friend, Carriefay, took these right before we left Arizona. Thanks Carrie.

Monday, April 14, 2008

The buffalo

Ok, since we almost died in this picture it gets a post of it's own. Ryan wanted to get some pictures of the bison in Custer State Park. So on our way back from Mount Rushmore we stopped along the road. My dad, I guess, has not heard that bison are dangerous and very tempermental. So he drives right up to them (a couple feet away) and tells Ryan to get out and take some pictures. Ryan does, however as he is outside taking the pictures my dad starts honking the horn to get them to look at us. Not the brightest thing to do. I think we got some angry buffalo looks! Ryan got back in the car and we went down the road further where my dad attempted to later run over a buffalo while we all screamed stop, go forward, go forward. Needless to say we ended up with some amazing buffalo pictures and here is one of them! Thanks for being such a risk taker dad!

AFRC Tours

Part of PSCing in, is to attend briefings. They try to inform you on inportant information you need to know about the local culture. One portion of this consisted of getting our drivers license. It's a pretty scary thing to start driving on the opposite side of the road. Both of us have driven on the wrong side of the road an not realized it til we were head on with another car. Our license plates have a Y on them to let the locals know we are Americans. I bet they get lots of good laughs. Another part of the program was two tours that took us through Misawa and another neighboring town called Hachinohe. We feel very blessed to be in such a wonderful country. The people have been so hospitable.

Arriving in Japan

We left Denver on Tuesday, Flew out of LA on Wednesday, and arrived in Tokyo Thursday afternoon. We spent the night in down town Tokyo and woke up around 3 am, ready to go! Jet lag is a great thing, haha. Sarah REALLY wanted pancakes....did you know they don't eat pancakes! The Japanese traditionally eat rice for breakfast. They actually eat rice for every meal. Yum! So we were told to visit the fish market. Let's just say this is not on the top of a pregnant womens things to do. The smell alone should kill you, however it was one of the most amazing things we have ever seen. Tsukiji is the largest fish market in the world and is located in Tokyo. It was only a few subway stations away from our hotel. We didn't eat any sushi, but we enjoyed some other things that we will never know what they were. Later that afternoon we took a flight into Misawa where we were greeted by our squadron at the airport. What a welcome!

The faces and Easter

While at home we did some local sight seeing. It was snowy, but beautiful. We also got the chance to experience one wild Easter egg hunt! Pops Rocks when it comes to creating Easter egg hunts!

Our trip to the Midwest!

As we headed up to see family and friends before leaving the country we took stopped along the way to capture some of Gods majestic handy work.

Our last week in Arizona was spent with our good friends the Larsen's. After all of our stuff was packed up and we were out of our house, we went to stay with them. Now that is TRUE friendship! We spent one nice warm evening at the park taking pictures. Thanks for being such great models guys! We miss you lots.