Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pictures available....and Web Site Launch

Today is exciting for us...we've completed editing the pictures from Tripp & Carly's wedding from Saturday. They're available here. We've placed a minimum order of $10 in the program for now until we see exactly what this program can do. This is simply to keep from having to pay some expenses from orders out of our own pockets. We expect things to be seamless on our end of the ordering process. Once we see that it is, we'll remove the minimum order restriction.

We'll be able to place future photo galleries on the web as well. They will be at www.crossphotography.photoherald.com. This feature will allow people to view our pictures and place an order using our professional printer. As we work more with this interface, we will add more features and packages to allow for easier ordering.

Finally, we're publicly announcing the launch of our website. You can check it out here. A word of caution...I've not tested the site from other than this computer, so if things look weird, or the picture gallery doesn't work quite right, I'll iron those details out soon. If something doesn't work, I'd love to get some feedback from you mailto:ryancr711@gmail.com.

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