Saturday, August 16, 2008

Carvell Maternity Photo Shoot

Yesterday morning Sarah, Micah, and I tore apart the dining room to create a photo studio...Micah providing verbal support as always. We needed a little more room than the back room provided...and there is no air conditioning in that back the demolition derby began. Although the house looked like a wreck, it made for some great photos. We fought through all of the technical difficulties with our new equipment and realized that our best days in the back room with our old stuff doesn't even come close to what we can do with the new stuff.

We're super excited about these pictures and couldn't wait to show them off on here. We had about 20 pictures that we really liked and we narrowed them down as best we could. The first two are the same picture, just a different Photoshop technique...we can pretty much make that background any color, very cool! Jen is 33 weeks now and counting down the days. Thanks again guys, we had a great time...enjoy!

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Cheyenne and John said...

Awe- Jen looks amazing.. I'm jealous that she got to utilize your mad photography skillz and i never did!!!