Monday, August 17, 2009


Hey everyone, we're back and going strong again in Misawa and wanted to share some pictures from our Hawaii trip. If you hadn't heard, we got to go to Hawaii for 3 weeks in July because of a work exercise for me. The trip basically boiled down to 8-12 hour days in the Hickam CAOC staring at computer screens and the "big board" (if you've seen Dr. Strangelove, or been in a CAOC, you know what I mean). So for the most part I didn't get to see much of the beautiful weather of Hawaii. I did manage to get some days off and we were able to explore and do some cool things.
So, after 3 weeks of Hawaii, 3 different places we stayed in, numerous bottles of sunscreen, Mai Tai's, and an impressive credit card bill later, here's a brief look at our trip (we took way more photos than right here...go to to see more)

Us overlooking Kanehoe Bay
Who let Micah jump on the bed?
Micah's first lemon!

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