Thursday, February 7, 2008

It's a XY!!!!!

It's official...despite the Chinese birth calendar, pilot's wives' folklore, family "curses", and multiple incorrect guesses by family and friends alike, we're having a XY! But that was just a portion of our eventful day yesterday.

Yesterday was quite the day. Sarah got into a fight at school and had to be rushed to the Emergency Room. She had a large cut to her left thumb and the X-rays revealed that it was broken. They stitched her up, put a large dressing to cover the wound, and gave her some pain meds and antibiotics. Unfortunately, the paper cutter didn't make it. Witnesses said that shortly after the fight ended, the paper cutter was "cold, unresponsive, and didn't have a pulse". When asked later that afternoon, one teacher, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said "I saw the paper cutter only minutes before and everything seemed normal". "He'd always been such a hard worker, never complained about anything, and everyone really liked him" she continued, "...and to see him like just breaks your heart".

So after the E.R. visit, we trekked on over to the baby doctor to find out the sex and to make sure the baby was doing well. We're very happy to have a little XY running around our Japanese house in a few months...maybe more like sleeping, drooling, pooping, and eating...but you get the point. We've got the new baby pictures to share, so here they are!!

P.S. XY ='s a chromosome thing...


Adam Haynes said...

CONGRATS!!!! So, how do you feel about arranged marriages? We're taking applications for our little girl. Please submit yours to:

Anyway, hope Sarah recoups after her KO with the papercutter. Those things are tricky little boogers.

Jeno said...

Congrats, Sarah and Ryan! I am THRILLED for you and can't wait for him to arrive!

Anonymous said...

Like I told you last week, I am so excited for you kids!! I miss you and cannot wait to meet this boy!