Friday, February 22, 2008

Total Eclipse (not of the Heart)

So we've been super busy around here getting ready for the big move. Unfortunately, Sarah has been really sick the past two weeks. We think it started as the flu and then turned into sinusitis(sp?). Despite all of that, we're still slowly getting everything done and I think we'll be good to go when the movers get here next Wednesday.

On the 20th there was the total lunar eclipse that I thought would be a fun thing to try and photograph. That is a very difficult thing to do. I think I did a pretty bad job, but I could probably get one decent 4x6 out of the 100 pictures that I took. It didn't help that clouds kept rolling in. At first, the clouds were just a nuisance, but it turned into the most exciting thing I have photographed in a while. There was a HUGE cloud to cloud lightning storm with about 10 minutes of rain. Before the rain came I was able to snap some photos while I was talking on the is that for multitasking? That's our house in the middle of the second picture for those who haven't seen it. Anyways, I thought that the pictures turned out really amazing, so I figured that I would share!

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