Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

It's a Florida Thanksgiving! Heather (Ryan's sister) opened up her house for us all to take over. Terry, Greta, Chris Weimer(Ryan's brother), Chris Peterson (A friend of Ryan's), Paige Mutual(Greta's sister),Micah, Me, and Chris Thomas's mother all joined in the fun. We honestly did take over the Thomas house and I'm sure they are still recovering from their kids sleeping arrangments being all messed up so that they could accomodate us all. We were minus one very imporant person..... RYAN! So to remind ourselves of all the laughs he adds to our holidays we shared lots of old Ryan stories. We truly missed him and I for one can say that no holiday is as wonderful without him. Both Micah and I can't wait to celebrate his return.
Some bad news we recieved right before Thanksgiving is that Ryan's deployment to Iraq is being extended. This changes things up a bit and we are truly sad that it will be a little more time before we will be seeing him. On the up side we are thankful that he is safe and that our lines of communication are open (telephone and email). We have been very blessed in that we are able to keep each other up to date with our busy lives. Each day that passes I know I am one day closer to seeing him.

We are headed back to Nebraska for "hopefully"a white Christmas. If we don't cross paths with you during our travels may God bless you during this CHRISTmas season!

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