Friday, March 20, 2009

The Romantic Aoni Onsen....with Micah

So while Ryan was on re-constitution for two weeks lots of people took small local trips. We decided to do something romantic...well, as romantic as you can with a eight month old. We went to an Onsen about three hours from here. It normally would only take and hour and 1/2 but due to winter road conditions many roads are closed. Aoni is nestled in the Hakkoda Mountains and as you drive up to it you can see Mt. Hirosaki, which is beautiful. We had lots of fun and Micah loved the outside baths. They weren't to hot due to the winter temps. so he was able to stay in a little longer. There was no electricity, so our room was lit by oil lamp and heated by a kerosene heater. We watched them fish our dinner out from right behind our room. Fish on a stick...YUM(seriously) I was brave and tried everything they offered, unlike Ryan, I didn't lick my plate clean. We had a tremendous time and we hope you enjoy the pictures we took. Sorry we didn't capture our meals, we kept forgetting to bring our cameras.
For you GPS capable folks that are interested in checking it out and think the directions from ITT are not so great, the onsen is at N40 34.286 E140 43.758 and the parking lot that they shuttle you from in winter is at N40 34.839 E140 41.245.

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Tyler and Laura Smith said...

Hi Sarah! That looks like a great way to re-connect after the deployement and so romantic in the winter. Thanks for sharing the pics...we'll have to remember that if we ever PCS to Misawa in the future. Say hi to Ryan from both of us.