Saturday, July 5, 2008

At Home...sort of

So, we were discharged from the hospital on Tuesday around noon and sent home to relax...well, sort of. Since our little Mac was looking yellow, they had us come back every day to get some blood work done to monitor his bilirubin count. On Friday, the count finally started to retreat just below the threshold level of what they are worried about.

On top of that, sleep hasn't exactly been something that we've had a lot of in our household lately. Don't get me wrong here, Micah kicks some serious butt in the chilled out baby category, but still the new sleep schedule takes some getting used to. Not only that, but we haven't exactly been too lazy around here, we've been going to cookouts, parties, 4th of July fireworks, cherry picking.

We've also done a very limited amount of camera work with the little man, but we'll try and get a photo shoot going soon. Here are a couple of our latest favorites...mostly fun little detail macro type shots, but they're all fun to us.

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Anonymous said...

I like the photo of you picking cherries. All you see is his feet. Let me know if you need anything. Maybe even just a nap. I will come over and play babysitter.