Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Last of the Hospital Pictures

Hey are a few more pictures of Micah that we snapped the last day we were in the hospital. You can see just a small range of expressions that he has. He learns a few more everyday, I think. Things have been a little crazy around the house as we try to adjust to this new way of living. We haven't taken any pictures of him around the house yet, but we will definitely get caught up on that. As far as the last post...that is Micah on top.


carriefayamaro said...

holy COW he's gorgeous. looks like you, sarah, except that top pic... the expression looks like ryan.

congrats congrats congrats!!!

Paul A. Maconi, Jr. said...

Hey guys! Congrats on the mini-me! I linked you guys on my blog.

Awesome pictures. Definitely some strong genes there.

Jenny said...

PRECIOUS. He is SO good-looking! Good luck! Love, Jeno

Anonymous said...

Love love love the pictures! I can't wait to meet him! Little boys are so much fun!