Monday, July 7, 2008

Baths, Bili Light and Dad

Well, we have officially been parents for nine days now. My due date was suppose to be this Wednesday. Wow, I can't imagine how big he would be!

Micah's first bath was an interesting experience. He liked the warm first, but since it was a sponge bath, the cool air that hit him afterward made it a "not so nice" time. He handled it great!

We are back to battling Micah's Bili-rubin count. Today we went in to get his blood drawn(for what we thought would be the last time) and found out his count was still fairly high. We have to go back on Wednesday and have him retested. So once again we are sun tanning our little guy with a bili-blanket. In some of the pictures above you can see the light from the bili blanket. When we are at home we keep him wrapped up in it to help him get better. I can honestly say this tugs on my heart strings.

Ryan is such a rock, he has been my voice of reason, my biggest supporter and the world's best dad (aside from my own of course.) Ryan seems to have a better grasp on this parenting thing than I do. Check him out, he always gets little Mac to calm down and chill. Perhaps it's that he doesn't smell of breast milk, but whatever it is he has the magic touch.


The Hale Family said...

Micah is so beautiful! Congratulations! We are so excited for you! Parenthood is wonderful, however it does have its ups and downs! You guys are great! I am so glad you have a we can keep up on life together!

Carly, Matt and Cecilia Hale

Laurel said...

look at those cheeks! I love 'em!

Sherree said...

Oh how I wish I could cuddle that little guy!

Jenny said...

Hang in there, Sarah! You're a WONDERFUL parent, too!

Alison Wood said...


Micah is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing the blog with all of us - We miss you lots at Sonoran Heights!