Saturday, July 12, 2008


As several people have noticed and commented on, our little guy's initials spell out 'Mac'. No, it wasn't just coincidence...we really liked the idea of spelling something with his initials when we had both decided that we liked the name Micah. Although we thought of other names like Ulysses, Ichabod, and Olaf...we finally settled on Alexander. Anyways, we've had some fun comments about his middle name, so we'll share some of the references here:

Little Mac from Mike Tyson's punchout (my favorite...thanks bro):

And the always amusing Mac vs PC commercials:

And there's also MAC tools, Fleetwood Mac, and MAC cosmetics...I'm sure there are more, but just wanted to throw something on here to help you waste your time on our blog :).

P.S. Sorry mom, no photos on this post...we're busy...and I wanted to do this

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